RAAY Real Estate is the brainchild of Datarella’s RAAY and WERTGRUND, the integrated service and investment group for residential estates in Germany.

RAAY RE is a blockchain-based real estate investment company, powered by RAAY, Datarella’s blockchain-based operating system for banking. By tokenising real estate assets, RAAY RE provides players in the real estate industry with the ability to streamline their administration, sales and distribution processes. Additionally, RAAY RE empowers real estate actors to launch new, innovative products.

RAAY RE is an opportunity for token investors to diversify their investment portfolio with a rock-solid asset-backed security token based on German residential estates managed by a first-class real estate investment group. By integrating real assets of the ‘old world’; i.e. residential estates, in an innovative financing tool of the ‘new world’: i.e. a security token, RAAY RE bridges a formerly existing gap and allows investors to regard tokens as a relevant new asset class.