The RAAY architecture provides interfaces and connection into existing systems and offers easy access to the legacy services to applications:

  • Server-side NodeJS application that exposes API for web applications, mobile application and external clients (such as businesses cash register systems, smart card readers, or biometric identification)
  • HTTP JSON-based API that follows REST conventions
  • Authentication token-based with JWT
  • Integration with Parity Access Nodes, Quorum Zero Knowledge Proof, and other enterprise blockchain systems
  • Service for communicating via SMS (integration of external SMS services)
  • Deployed to AWS with auto-scaling policies making the system able to respond in real-time to changes in the incoming traffic volume





RAAY provides a series of user interfaces for administration, accounting, auditing, business integration, user help desk, call center, and more. The interfaces are implemented as web front ends as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Example:  Financial administration panel

Allowing the account administrators to control all aspects of accounting: Create, open and close user accounts, accounts for businesses, see the history of all transactions, initiate transaction reversals. The financial administration panel offers all necessary reports to serve the users, businesses, and to comply with regulations and taxes. All reports provide search and filter functionalities.

Example:  Business Panel

Serves businesses with their accounting, invoicing, and audit, provides features of fraud detection, revocation of transaction, and requesting conflict arbitration.

Example: Mobile Client

For users and businesses RAAY offers a mobile client to check account balances, and to initiate and authenticate transactions. The client is implemented as smartphone app on Android and iOS but also via SMS multi-factor authentication to include also people that only have access to basic phones.